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Capturing the Music of Madness

I have a small problem.  Well, actually, I have several, but I’m on medication and feeling much better now, thank you so much for asking.  No, I have a writing problem in that I have to come up with a character that is, well for the lack of a better term, nuts. You know, off his head, bonkers, stark raving, the “everything is a conspiracy” type; in essence, bat shit crazy. Not the Peter Rabbit hopped up on crystal meth, armed with a machete and a flamethrower looking to extract a little revenge on Farmer Brown crazy, but more like the quiet type of crazy.  The kind that sidles up to you at the bus stop crazy who makes you wish you’d bought that can of Mace, or perhaps looked into the firearm carry laws a little closer. The angry nut job, not the violent one.

As a writer I can write this person, but I needed help with the music of his dialog.  Music you ask?  Yeah, music.  To my ear every type of dialog has a pattern, a pacing, that to me sounds like music, or at least a syncopated pattern that approaches music.  You think I’m wrong?  Go read some Hemingway or Tennessee Williams or James Lee Burke.  All of them write beautiful dialog that literally flows off the page and oozes it’s sweet music into your subconscious. It’s a talent that I have yet to achieve, but I’m workin’ on it.

So back to my literary nut case.  I needed to find this pattern that the truly disturbed have.  It’s a staccato pattern, disjointed and irregular, but framed with just enough logic that after a few minutes you begin to question your own views.  Then, as they ramble on, you begin to hear the underlying anger, their discontent, and perhaps, their little bit of madness.  My problem was, how do I find people like this and where without putting myself in danger, or at the very least, in need of flea spray?

The answer came to me when I realized there are too many people in this country without enough to do, and most of the “tinfoil hat brigade” are hanging out on news sites posting comments to the stories. CNN seems to attract some of the more “eloquent” type.  Let me tell you something right now.  When a person has enough free time on their hands to comment on every damn story on a news site, and has the time to create their own avatar, and create a circle of like minded “friends” who comment on his comments, I’m not stupid enough to pass on this as a goldmine for how the angry ones think.  It can be, however, disturbing.

I may not need the flea spray after reading a few pages of this tripe, but I sure might order a bucket of brain bleach.  At least I got their “music” down.

It’s a start.