Let’s get real America–Prayer vs. Activism

I am so fucking sick of all of this “prayer” shit.  Prayer meetings for this,  prayer breakfasts for that, and now we have Presidential wannabe’s who think they can pray away all the ills of this country. Yeah. Right.  It seems like every time there is a crisis or a natural disaster, a reporter sticks a microphone under some guys face and asks him how he feels about the event.  Usually, the Gerbil looks very concerned, and then announces he’ll “pray on it” for those poor folks affected.

Time out! Knock that shit off!  Just stop it!

How about, just once, all the Gerbils get together and actually fucking DO something for those poor folks. Look, prayer is cool and all that shit, but it is essentially masturbatory in nature.  It may make you feel better, but it doesn’t do any good real-time shit for anybody else.

A little example.  My girlfriend lives in a large city that has quite a few people who go to bed hungry every night. This bothered her.  A lot.  So, she got up and roused her neighbors who then started a neighborhood food campaign for the local food bank that was damn near being swamped by an ever increasing demand from more and more families who need help.

Last month, after a little more than a year, they had donated over a ton of food to their county food bank. A fucking TON!  Can you imagine how many people have benefited by the actions of under a dozen concerned neighbors?

Now these folks doing the food collecting are not wealthy, or special snowflakes or anything like that, and they aren’t seeking any special rewards.  Some are working people while others are retired, and they come in all flavors of Humanity and represent quite a diverse set of religious beliefs, some perhaps, are not religious at all.  The point is they didn’t waste time “praying on it”…they got up and did something about it.  Every time they did their normal shopping, some just picked up one extra can of something they were buying anyway, while others bought a bit more depending on their own financial situation, but, the point is, they fucking DID something.

Their activism helps a LOT of people who really need it.

Think about it.  The next time you think about just praying for somebody and getting off lightly, how about envisioning yourself as the one needing help.  Would you rather have some deep fat fried Twinkie eating sonofabitch praying for you, or would you prefer to be able to put some beans and bread on the table for your family because a few good people were concerned enough to get off their butts and help?

Face it, prayer alone never fed the Admiral’s bulldog.  However, concerned people who band together and physically go out of their way to do something to help those less fortunate than themselves? Those are the folks who really truly deserve to be called Human Beings.

Anybody who believes that just “praying on it” is being helpful, is only posturing.

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  1. Some people pray in order to *discover* a solution to their problems. In that case, I suppose it’s like zen meditation, where you try to clear your mind and have it present an answer, only they say the answer comes from God. I’m like, okay, whatever.

    The reliance on God to actually DO stuff for them, though — this might be kind of offensive (not to you, probably, but to others), but I sometimes get the feeling that (born-again-type) Christianity is a religion for the lazy. You ask God to help you instead of getting off your ass and working for what you need/want, your sins are wiped away, not by your making any sort of amends, but by the belief that that a historical figure died for YOUR sins, AND if you do do something evil, it wasn’t your fault, the Devil *made* you do it. It just seems very childish and irresponsible.

    Best description of what you posted about is in the Futurama episode “Godfellas”.


    I can’t find the actual quote, but in response to Fry saying, “Eh, God will save those monks”, Bender says something like, “You can’t count on God for crap! If those monks are going to be saved, we’ve got to do it ourselves!”


    It’s a great episode, possibly even for people who don’t believe in God. 🙂

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