Onward to the Brink

This blog is my journey.  To what?  Who the hell knows, but there it is.

Many decades ago, and under another name which mercifully I have hidden in a locked, iron bound chest,  I committed the ultimate sin for a young writer.  I sold a story…well actually, several stories.  They were, in fact, god awful bodice rippers, but I was too young and too stupid to know that.  I was convinced that I had a wonderful career ahead of me as a writer.  Wrong!  I didn’t know shit about writing, nor did I know shit about life.  Now I’m tying this writing thing all over again, but this time with a little more life under my belt.  Okay, a Lot more.

So this blog will chronicle my journey as I try to write once again, but this time, hopefully, without my head up my arse.  In the meantime, I have opinions…about almost everything, and the lack of shame needed to share them.  This will not be a “how to write” blog. There are dozens of those written by folks who know a hell of a lot more about the craft of writing than I, so go read those.  I will however talk about slaughtering sacred cows and why sacred cow burgers taste as good as non sacred cow burgers,  murdering tropes for fun and profit, and probably some ramblings about politics, sex, and religion. You know, all the shit your mother warned you not to talk about at the dinner table.

If you decide to stay and read, welcome!  If not, I understand because the ravings of a mad, pagan, queer woman aren’t for everybody.

Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.  I have an enchanted sword and PMS and I’m not afraid to use them.  ‘Nuff said.


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  1. Off to a flying start! 😀

  2. Hey, everything has to have a beginning!
    Thanks Hon.

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